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Hearing aids can help you hear a lot better, and improve your sense of well-being, independence and confidence.

There are various styles of hearing devices that vary in size. Some are more appropriate for certain types of hearing loss and ear shapes, and others have more technological features.

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Today’s hearing aids can do so much more than just help with your hearing. Packed with the latest technology, they’re now smarter than ever and offer an array of improved features, including enhanced smartphone connectivity and better charging capabilities. Most importantly, sound quality has improved immensely, all within discreet, sleek and comfortable designs.

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Soft Hear Clinic’s chief consultant, Dr. Hem Prakash Singh was LIVE from Mauritius on World hearing day. He explained in detail about hearing health awareness, causes of hearing loss and its prevention, latest hearing aids technology and benefits of using digital hearing aids, etc.

Mrs. Gunjan Ahluwalia from the largest community of moms named “UNIMO” interviewed Dr. Hem Prakash Singh. On behalf of all the mothers, she addressed the queries about speech therapy and importance of speech therapy for the disabled children.

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